Selected Writing

My Experience Participating in a Coral Reef Science Classroom Visit

ANGARI Foundation – May 5, 2020

“I felt my nervousness quickly slipping away as the event went on. Part of it was due to finding a routine; it wasn’t as complicated a job as I’d feared, and any issues that came up were usually nothing more than a student accidentally pausing the video. However, a larger part of it was the impact of the students themselves.”

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A Day in the Life of an ANGARI Intern

ANGARI Foundation – March 17, 2020

“This sense of community was, to me, the most amazing part of the Sea Turtle Day Festival. Not only were we surrounded by like-minded people and organizations, but also thousands of visitors who were all there because of an appreciation for nature.”

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The Warmest Summer in Antartica

Ricochet Science – February 18, 2020

“While this may seem like a local issue, many species from around the world- including birds, fish, and whales- migrate to and from the Southern Ocean throughout their lives. Damage to the Antarctic and surrounding ecosystems may have far-reaching global consequences.”

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Monarchs Face Another Challenge – Threats to their Food Supply

Ricochet Science – September 11, 2019

“Monarch butterflies are already under threat by human action. A combination of agriculture, pesticide use, and increasingly frequent natural disasters has caused habitat loss for both their summer and winter breeding grounds, with future conservation for both sites remaining unclear. Recently, continuing climate change has been found to cause additional hazards to the species, now in the form of changes to one of their staple foods, milkweed.”

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