Science Writer and Educator

Passionate science communicator focusing on conservation, ecology, and climate change.

About Me

Hi! My name is Kayla, and I'm a Biology graduate, science writer and educator with a passion for stream ecology, conservation, and environmental management.

Some of my first memories are of turning over rocks in steam beds alongside my father, a biology professor, to find aquatic insects that serve as indicators for stream health. Ever since, I've been fasciated by the ecology and conservation, whether it be in the mountains of North Carolina or the jungles of Belize.

As a science writer, I've authored articles on climate change, conservation, and ecology for Ricochet Science, a blog for science educators, and Inspire EdVentures, an ecotourism and education company working in Belize. My writing focuses on the intersection of humans and the natural world, and how nature and society impact one another.

Recent Projects

Belize Zoo Tours - Summer 2020 - Present. Coordinating virtual tours with the Belize Zoo to educate community college and high school students on Belizean conservation and biodiversity.

Belize Jaguar Research - Fall 2019 - Present. Analyzing photos taken by trail cameras near Five Blue National Park in Belize, specifically identifying and tracking the presence of jaguars.

Virtual Summer Camp - Summer 2020. Partnership with W.A.M.Y Community Action Center to bring science education and at-home ecology projects to underprivileged youth in Western North Carolina during the COVID-10 pandemic.

Steam Ecology Research - Spring/Summer 2019. NC State Internship with Prof. Brad Taylor and grad student Samantha Jordt; helped set up graduate project focused on cataloguing insect oviposition and food web recovery in restored streams throughout North Carolina.